We are India's new recognized Start-up tea brand involved in bringing a change in how people drink their tea and glorifying the benefits of tea. Teaology is healthy, sophisticated and luxurious tea brand, all at the same time while keeping our roots intact by empowering farmers of single estate farms. Our exquisite range includes organic loose leaf teas along with beautiful flowers and herbs with the aim to provide healthy, natural and invigorating teas.

Despite being an increasingly saturated market, there is a lack of education and knowledge regarding teas, and that's where we come in. A luxury brand that not only provides an extensive collection of the highest quality of premium loose leaf teas but also seeks to revolutionize the tea industry to deliver an extraordinary and unparalleled tea experience.

We use the finest selections of hand-picked tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant which are nurtured by the expertise of purist farmers who pluck with great precision just for you! All our tea blends from Blue Masala Tea to Green Wellness Tea, all use fresh, natural & organic  tea, whole flowers and herbs. We take pride that we source from all around the world and work with single estate farmers. 

Our sustainability promise and our embryonic passion of tea is the driving force behind this brand. No matter the season, our teas can be served as hot and cold brews. Its benefits go far beyond its exquisite colour and flavour. Our teas, filled with herbs and flowers, are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that are great for cleansing the body of toxins and strengthening our immune system.



We truly believe that tea food pairing is becoming the new alchemy, as the right tea with the right food can unlock not only their own flavours to their full potential – but even release a third flavour. Pairing our teas with food is the perfect way to enhance the taste of a dish as well as the drink itself.

At Teaology, loose leaf teas are preferred due to its rich and smooth flavour as they release less tannins, as compared to finely grounded teas that contain a mixture of teas rather than a pure tea itself. As a result of which, our teas can be consistently enjoyed over a period time without any change in its flavour nor aroma! 



Sahil Chaplot A qualified pharmacist with a degree in advertising, he has rich experience in health and food industry from India and New Zealand. He is passionate about teas and has an innate curiosity to develop new combinations and blends of teas, herbs, flowers and fruits. His mind is always busy in developing new products which would be empowering people for their health and lifestyle. He takes care of over all operations, marketing and new product development.

Shraddha KhinvasaraA lawyer by profession and having worked in India and New Zealand at various levels, she is passionate about green teas and just loves any form or combination of green teas. She drinks about 4 cups of green tea a day. Her personal favourite is Teaology Rejuvenating Tulsi Green Tea. She takes care of all the legal things and keeps the brand up and running by being the backbone of the company.