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Infuser - Bronze Owl Charm

Infuser - Bronze Owl Charm

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Owl is Teaology's mascot, which brings luck and prosperity. Get your own lucky charm and a beautiful accessory only from Teaology! Our Owl Tea Infuser is a finely curated tea accessory made of high quality stainless steel. It's like having a re-usable and eco-friendly alternative to disposable tea bags. It's an accessory which is a perfect match to Teaology's beautiful whole leaf and flower tea blends. Immerse yourself in the loose-leaf experience and replace old tea bags to enjoy drinking fresh full flavoured tea. The chain and hook attached to the lid makes steeping easier and allows for effortless suspension of infuser in a hot beverage.


Step 1: Open the lock on the side and add desired quantity of Teaology tea

Step 2: Close the lid and place inside mug or teapot. Ensure chain and hook remain outside the mug

Step 3: Add boiling water over the infuser and steep for 2-5 minutes (or as per mentioned on Teaology tea labels.)

Step 4: Once the concoction is ready, remove infuser and keep aside to prevent oversteeping

Step 5: Enjoy the freshly brewed goodness. Clean out contents  and rinse to reuse Teaology's Tea Infuser

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