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Tea Pot with Infuser (700 ML)

Tea Pot with Infuser (700 ML)

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TEA POT WITH INFUSER (700 ML) (Assorted Colour)

Teaology's Tea Pot with Infuser is a finely curated tea accessory made of high quality stainless steel, glass and plastic. It comes with an infuser inside, so you don't have to worry to strain our tea leaves every time. It is a perfect combination for you to buy with our Tea's. Just think it of as a beautiful and practical solution to enjoy our Teas.

Capacity : 900 ml


Step 1: Open the lid of the Tea pot and add desired quantity of Teaology tea to the inbuilt infuser

Step 2: Add boiling water in the tea pot over the infuser and close the lid. 

Step 3: Steep the tea for 2-5 minutes (or as per mentioned on Teaology tea labels.)

Step 4: Once the tea is ready, no need to strain or filter the tea, as the built-in infuser does it for you.

Step 5: Just pour the tea directly in a cup from the tea pot and enjoy the freshly brewed goodness. 

1. Please use 10% vinegar, citric acid and other weakly acidic liquids to wash teapot before first use and then rinse with hot water.
2. Handle with care to avoid breaking glass.
3. Don't directly heat it. Avoid shock chilling and shock heating.
4.Use sponge and neutral detergent to wash.
5. Excessive cleanliness may break the glass and hurt you.
6. Keep away from the reach of children

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